Posted by: nancyca | April 6, 2008

April 5th, 2008

Today was an emotional day for me. It’s been 8 weeks today since my Mom passed away. I cried almost all day. When I usually start to cry about Mom I stop myself. Today I just went ahead and cried. I think because dh had an extra long week away (2 more days than normal) and won’t be home til tomorrow, it was that much harder. I just started thinking about all the things that I know my Mom wanted to be there for. Seeing my kids: graduate high school, get married, have children… It is the sucky thing about being the youngest of 7 kids and having your parents be 40 years older than you are. To be honest, Mom and Dad never thought they’d live long enough to see me get married and have children. So they did get to see that. There have been so many times this past week that I’ve wanted to talk to my Mom. She’s not that phone call away anymore. I just really miss her.

This morning I watched Monkey Business and I Was a Male War Bride (both have Cary Grant) this morning before the kids came downstairs. This afternoon I got to watch Nine Months. I laughed…I cried…lol Okay, the scene when he’s trying to take her to the hospital to have the baby is HILARIOUS!! I got to crochet some more on my log cabin ghan while watching my movies and it finally looks like it’s getting bigger!! ROFL Yay!!

The kids and I did get to take our cans/bottles and such to the recycling place around noon. So we were home by 1:30. That’s a miracle! Usually the place is packed and we got right in there and out again pretty quickly.

Tomorrow, dh won’t be home til late afternoon from PA. The kids and I are off to a long day at church. Dd has to be there at 8-9am so that she can practice her song. She’s singing in front of the high school group 2nd service. The kids and I are going to first service, then dd will go to high school group and ds and I are going into the pre-k and kinder class. The head of children’s ministries asked if I would teach in there tomorrow. I adore working with the kids, so I said no problem. After church dd and I are to attend a meeting for the nursery staff. Dd works in there every other month and I do fill-ins when they need me. Dh might actually get home before we do me thinkest!

When we get home I’ll figure out something for dinner and get to stitching on the stocking again. I haven’t stitched on it for quite a few days as my sinus infection was just too much pressure on my eyes to see right. I’m feeling a bit better now and ready to stitch on it again.

I hope everyone will have a glorious Sunday!



  1. (((HUGS)) Been there with my mom (and dad) as well…there are times when I am doing the strangest thing and it’s like “I want to call mom”…and I realize I can’t. Other times…it’s very calming to think of them… I know how hard it is to miss a mom…and sometimes the tears help!
    Take care

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