Posted by: nancyca | April 1, 2008

April Fool’s Day!

I cannot believe it is already April. That just means in a week and a half that I’ll be one more year older. ROFL Hmm…

Oh, and Andrea…if you’re reading this. Thank you for the giggles today (I pranked her) AND the phone conversation. You know I loves ya girl!!

Well, we got the testing done on my dd and she tested positive for mono. I was giggling at her as they call it the ‘kissing’ disease. But, the truth be told, the majority of it comes from sharing drinks, food and such. We also did the timeline and her bf had it before she did as he was sleeping a lot about a week before she started with the tiredness. The nurse said it is making it’s rounds in the highschools (there are 5 in this area) and that most kids have it, but don’t know it. They just chalk up the tiredness to sports, stress, whatever.

Since dd is in the musical as a featured dancer, we needed to know if she was still able to do this. The doc called back and said yes she could. BUT, if she felt tired, that she needed to take a break and not over exert herself. As that will just make it worse. They don’t keep the kids home from school anymore unless they are just way too tired to make it through the day. Dd also has a sinus infection and that’s not helping.

I was given anti-biotics last night for sinus, ear and throat infections. He thought I had strep, but it was negative. But, since I have white dots on my left tonsil, on the anti’s he put me!

Other than that, all is doing well in this house. LOL

My hubby is gone for an entire week this week. He usually leaves on Monday and back on Friday. But this week he won’t be home til Sunday night, we get him Monday and then he flies back out Tuesday. I hate when he has weeks like this, but it’s his tech expo week in KOP, PA and it can’t be helped.

I didn’t get any stitching in yesterday as I just didn’t feel good. Very tired and my face pressure was awful from my sinuses and ears. If I continue to be tired after the anti’s kick in, the doc said I probably have mono too from dd. Such is life. I’m not too worried about it. If I do get it, I do. If I don’t I don’t. I have to keep moving no matter what goes on with me, so that’s life. Right? I have to watch ds as well as we all like to share drinks and such in our house. No one can seem to get their own drinks, etc. when MOM’S is sitting right there. LMBO

Dd and I watched Becoming Jane yesterday. AWESOME movie. It was a lot like P&P, but that is where she got that from apparently. Her real life. But, her books end a lot better than her real life did along the marriage line. I can say that I am quickly becoming an Austinophile most definitely. Dd just gave me the book P&P so that I can start it this weekend. I must finish my other book first though.

We also watched The Virgin Suicides. I had seen it EONS ago, but watched it again. It’s a pretty good movie. I love Kathleen Turner, but she was just ugly in this movie. I know that sounds harsh, but she has always played such gorgeous women in her roles that this was kind of weird. She was really plained out for the role.

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day! I’m off to figure out what to make for dinner and stitch in between loads of laundry.

OH! Here’s what I’ve done on the first stocking as of 2 days ago:


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