Posted by: nancyca | March 31, 2008

Good evening everyone

What a day! Although, I could say that about all my days anymore. lol

Had a great time at church today. We were singing praise and worship songs and heard from our New Orleans mission trippers. They left on Easter Sunday and came home yesterday. What an amazing time they had. We also got to hear from our worship leader, John, who took an entire month off work (he retired 3 days before he left) to go to Africa. His son and dil have a mission there and he was just so awestruck by what is happening there. He wants to go back again sometime soon when he can (he got rehired to teach instead of doing).

Dd’s youth leader asked her if she would consider going on the Mexico mission trip that the high schoolers and adults are making in Sept. He said he is only picking the kids who don’t need to be babysat as they are going INTO Mexico and not just across the border. She’ll already be 15 at that point and dh and I think it would be a great experience for her. I have to start tomorrow on getting her passport as it takes FOREVER to get one from what I hear. Unless I want to drive to Seattle and I can have one in 24 hours. Doesn’t that sound hokey to you though? lol I think I’ll look into it locally first.

We got the news tonight that one of dh’s and my oldest friends lost his dad last week. He’d been in a care facility for the past 2 years pretty ill and he finally went home. My heart breaks for Tim and his family as I’ve known them for over 25 years. Actually I’ve known them longer than I’ve known my own dh!

All of our house guests have left and tomorrow we start back onto our ‘normal’ routines. Homeschooling for ds and back to hs for dd. I have LOVED having my kids home this past week. I’m one of the parents that hates to see their kids have to go back to school. If I could have them home always I would. LOL But, I’m also very realistic and know that they need to spread their wings and learn to be independent as well. My kids are very grounded in their faith and they are just awesome kids. I’m very proud of them both.

I got to get in some more stitching on the stocking tonight. By last night I had the hat completely finished. Tonight I got the owl stitched on top of the hat. Tomorrow will be the squirrel. Okay…is it just me or what? When I hear the word or see the word SQUIRREL I think of Willy Wonka Johnny D style. Daddy…I want a squirrel! LMBO! Love that movie

Tomorrow I will get to actually watch Becoming Jane. Didn’t get to this weekend. Looking forward to that. I also put the Colin Firth double dvd set of Pride and Prejudice next on my Netflix queue.

Have a great Monday all! I also hope you had a wonderful Easter break (those that had theirs this past week).


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