Posted by: nancyca | March 28, 2008

Happy Friday afternoon everyone

I want to say thank you again for all the support I’ve received since my Mom’s passing.  I cannot believe it will be 7 weeks tomorrow since she passed.  There isn’t one day that I don’t break down.  Seems to be happening more and more lately.  I think it’s because after about the 3rd day I would stop myself from crying and tried not to think about it.  My Mom wasn’t just my Mom…she was one of my best friends my whole life.  She was the best combo between knowing when to be my Mom and when to be my friend.  And I do think there is a good combo of doing that to raise wonderful kids.  It’s the way I am raising my children and they are the best.  I am very blessed indeed.

My Dad let me know yesterday that his testing came out great.  He went and had all of his arteries checked, etc. since Mom’s was out of the blue and not one doctor caught it before it was too late.  They said that his tests all looked awesome and that he had a long time to live.  Music to our ears.  Although we aren’t so sure that he won’t die from loneliness and missing Mom.  He does get out and do things with friends and family and that’s wonderful.  He seems pretty happy.  But, I talk to him every day and he tells me how lonely he is.  How much he misses Mom.  I just tell him if he didn’t miss Mom then I’d worry.

Dh took our dd and her friend (she’s here for the weekend from NW OR point) to a concert tonight.  Poor guy.  He got home at 2:45pm and they left at 3:30pm to get there and get in line for good seats.  But, he doesn’t mind.  He gets to spend time with dd and gets to hear new music. LOL  Of the teenage kind.  ROFLMBO!

My brothers and my Dad are having a poker game tonight at my brother Kevin’s place.  There are 4 boys left and Dad.  When all 7 of us were alive, we’d meet up at Mom and Dad’s every Thanksgiving with our families and have poker night.  It was great.  When my brother Wade passed away 5 years ago, we did it one more year (maybe 2) and then it petered out.  I’m glad they are getting together again.

Well, I’m off to stitch on a stocking for a friend.  It is a really cute Stoney Creek one with a Snowman.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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