Posted by: nancyca | March 18, 2008

It’s been almost 2 weeks…

Let’s just suffice it to say I’ve been a tad busy!

Well, once again we got a call at 7am that our carpool Mom wouldn’t be picking up my dd as her dd has something ‘wrong’ with her. I think she’s taken them MAYBE 3 times in the past 3 weeks…so I’ve been taking my dd and then picking BOTH of them up. Yes, I said both. She miraculously gets better towards the end of most days and so has her Mom take her to school. At this point, it’s ridiculous. She is in high school and not middle school anymore. She needs to realize that missing HS goes on your permanent record. So, unless you’re dying…GO TO SCHOOL!

Ds has 3 classes at the school today. His ‘teacher’ came to me yesterday and told me that the time for his math class was changing in the afternoons. I asked why and she said it’s because he was being moved up to the highest math class. I’m so proud of him for catching up quickly. His old EGC teacher (the class I pulled him out of) wasn’t doing any basic math with the kids. Very little addition and NO subtraction, multiplication or division. I couldn’t understand it. She told me (when I asked her WHY???) that she read some where that as long as kids have a basic knowledge of addition, that everything else will just come naturally. Ummm….WHAT??

Dd has a choir concert at 7pm at another high school tonight. She has musical rehearsal til 5:30, but is supposed to be dressed to the nines and in the choir room at 5:30. Figure out that one. So I told dd to leave musical rehearsal at 5, I’ll bring her dinner and then she can dress and be there by 5:30. There are a lot of the kids in choir in the musical. Not sure why they scheduled the rehearsal til 5:30 today…

Other than that…I’m down to 4 more loads of laundry today. They are all bedding though. YAY!! Over the past 3 days I have done 14 loads of laundry (clothing). 80% was my dd’s!! Yes, she most definitely needs to go through her clothes…lol

The reason for all the laundry is because we switched the kids’ bedrooms. We gutted and painted, etc…we just have to get dd’s things back into the new room for her.

Hoping to get some xstitching done today. I’m missing it terribly. But, I have to run to the store between ds’s 2 morning classes to get dd a white button down shirt for choir performances. Nothing like last minute, huh? After lunch I’m hoping to stitch.

I did finish off 2 crocheted afghans last week. I’ll have to get pics this weekend as one is with it’s owner already.

I will post a separate post on what my family did to my brother Kevin for his birthday…hehehe It was hilarious, but I don’t have time right now to type it out. I promise to get it written up today sometime in my CRAZY schedule.

Have a wonderful day all!!!



  1. The car pool thing – that’s the reason why I won’t do it, same type of problems! Arg.

    Congrats to your son! You have certainly been busy at home. :o)

  2. I’d be upset about the car pool thing…..
    Congrats to your DS!!
    Laundry…ummmm…do you live at my house???????LOL….My oldest DD goes through more laundry than the other 4 of us!! I think she needs to go through her clothes too!!!!
    Take care
    Have a Blessed Easter…


  3. Well, dd’s friend called and she’s taking the rest of the week off. So, there you go. lol

    My ds is so proud too! He knew he would catch up. He’s one smart cookie!

    Hugs to you both!

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