Posted by: nancyca | March 7, 2008

Good Thursday evening!

What a heck of a week. We’re all trying to get over this cold/flu thing that just wants to hang on and on and on and on and well…you get the idea. Good grief!!

Dd got a featured dancing part in Oklahoma! (her school musical). I was so happy for her. She loves being in the plays (and now musicals) so any part she is happy with.

My best friend’s Mom passed away yesterday. Having just lost my own mom 3.5 weeks ago my heart just breaks for her. But, we are together in our grief and able to comfort each other.

I’m trying to get rid of …. umm…I mean SELL the rest of our girl scout cookies. We’re selling them to be able to take a trip to Astoria, OR this summer for a week with our troop. We’ve never been there, but my family has friends there and we really want to go.

The foot doc looked at dd’s MRI films from her right foot/ankle. She’s having her left one done tomorrow afternoon, then we go see the doc on Monday again. He told me she needs surgery done on her heel/ankle bones as there is no padding left between 2 of the bones. NOT good. He wants to go in, clean it all up and then put fake padding in there to stop them from hitting each other and causing her so much pain. Since she’s having the same symptoms on the left one, that’s why he’s having the MRI done tomorrow. If it’s the same thing, she’ll have both done at the same time as soon as school is out.

We asked about the bones in the front part of her feet and he said to correct them, it would be extensive surgeries. So, first he wants to get her heels/ ankles fixed and then cast her feet to make orthotics and see if that will be enough for her to walk properly. We hope it all works and would appreciate your prayers for her. She’s been dealing with hip/knee/ankle/foot problems all of her almost 15 years. She has played 7 years of soccer, etc and not ONE doctor looked at her feet. They always told us it was from the hips… We were told her feet would have been an EASY fix if she was under the age of 5…but now she’s too old for that.

Anywhooot… I’m working on a couple of big granny square afghans. One is pink camo and a baby ghan. I’m making it for our mission at church that gives them out to the single moms in the community. They also give hand made quilts and knit afghans too. I think it’s a great outreach.

I’m also making a giant granny ghan (lapghan size) for my best friend that just lost her mom. Her bday was last week and her dh did nodda for her. This is the 2nd year in a row. She bought her own gift, bought her own cake and made her own dinner. So, I should have it finished by tommorrow night and I’m going to take it over to her. It’s in her fave color PURPLE (2 heather shades of purple) and white.

I’m also trying to work on a cross stitch piece by Mirabilia called Daisy. I finished Fern, but haven’t gotten those beads on her yet. I’ll try again this weekend.

Well, blessings to you all and have a wonderful weekend if I don’t make it back here. Tomorrow is no school, Saturday we are having a surprise party here for one of dd’s friends and then church and such on Sunday.



  1. Nancy, what a wonderful thing you are doing for your friend!! I’m sure she will love the afghan! I love making granny square afghans…haven’t made one in a while, but they are so pretty and cozy!!

    Here’s hoping your DD can get her foot taken care off…..we always worry about our kids!

    Also, I just recently bought Mirabilia’s Halloween Fairy Special Edition Kit…I haven’t started it yet….I do have the Easter one done…..I considered it a Birthday present to myself..LOL

    Take care…….pleasant thoughts for the coming week….it’s spring break week for me, so I do think I will be entertaining youngest DD most of the week….and please take a moment to stop by my blog again….I do so love to see comments! 🙂 I really do have to get some of my friends into blogging, but somehow don’t think that will be an easy task.

    Take care

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