Posted by: nancyca | March 1, 2008

Happy LEAP Day!

Tomorrow is already March 1st. 3 weeks til Easter…hard to believe. 9 days til we put the clocks forward! YAY!!! I’m definitely ready for some extra daylight!

Been an interesting week that I’m glad to have over now. Thank goodness for weekends. lol I know most of us feel that way.

Tomorrow will be taking dd to doc for a cough she’s had for 2 weeks now. It’s not getting any better. Other than that, we’ll be going through ds’s things and putting what we are keeping into the fresh BLUE room and then painting the front room yellow.

Sunday will consist of church, a class AT church in the early afternoon, then home to get dd’s things into the YELLOW room.

Next week we have to start thinking about the game room and what color we’re going to paint it. I’ve already figured out the living/dining room. Just have to get that wall of paper off of the one dining room wall. Won’t THAT be fun??

I’m going to wait til actual spring weather to strip the wall paper and paint the bathroom in the 2nd bedroom. It has a 2 sink long room and then a seperate room off of that for the potty and shower/tub. I’m not sure WHY, but the woman that built this house (and we bought it from) had a fetish with wallpaper…ugh!

Hope you all have a great weekend. Spend time with family and friends. Get lots of stitching done or crafting of your choice.


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