Posted by: nancyca | February 25, 2008

You make my day award…

Thank you Lani for the You Make My Day Award! I cherish our friendship.

The Rules: Give the award to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blogland. Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on. Beware – you may get the award several times!

Here are my 10 blogs:

Annie’s Craft Corner ~ Andrea is my co-hort in crime. I just adore her. Need I say more? Oh okay…she’s as bonkers as can be! ROFLMBO!!

Good Yarns ~ Sue is a very sweet lady. She’s down to earth and not into all the glitz of things. My kind of friend! lol

Buckeye Threads and Buckeye Wines ~ Kathie…she’s my hero! She and her hubby not only have a vending company, but also a very successful winery business as well. Oh…and she’s a week older than I am…hehehe

Theresa’s Corner ~ Theresa is one of the sweetest ladies you will ever meet. I don’t think there is a negative bone in her body. If it can be done, she’ll help you out in whatever way she can. Oh…and that woman can crochet like nobody’s business!!

Hooks, Sticks and Wheels ~ Maddie…This is one woman that loves life! I love to hear about her adventures whether with work or personal. She is adored by all including me!

Stashaholics Central ~ Diana is wonder woman. lol She is raising 2 children and taking on tons of redecorating right now. Bless her heart! I love to read about her adventures with her family and love to see her cross stitching too!!

Compulsive Hooker ~ Lisa, bless her heart, has been through some really rough times this past year. I love hearing her adventures as well. She’s a say-it-as-it-is person and I totally respect her for that.

Lani’s Journal ~ I just adore Lani and her family. I love reading her every day things that go on in the life of them. I love watching her ds grow up. I can’t believe he’s the age he is already…seems like we were just putting together the shower box to send along. lol

There are 3 other ladies that I would like to tag ( I know that would make 11), but they don’t have blogs, etc. So, I’ll just have to let you know who they are. They are Patti, Barb and Kelly. These 3 ladies are just the sweetest around. They are wonderful christian women who show the true meaning of friendship and Godly walks and talks.

Hugs to you all and thank you for being my friends.



  1. Nancy,

    You’re determined to make me blog more often, aren’t you, LOL!

    Thanks for the nice comments. I’m glad I made your day.

    Hugs to you too!

  2. Aw, shucks! You’re a real sweetheart. Thanks for the kind words.

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