Posted by: nancyca | February 17, 2008

The Lord’s Day

The fog is just burning off and the sun is starting to shine through. What a wonderful day! We’re to be around 59* today and that is just heaven!! We’ll enjoy that tomorrow as well, then the spring time weather is going away. Rain is coming on Tuesday and will be indefinite. LOL Now, mind you, I moved to OR because I LOVE the rain. But with all that we’ve been through this past fall/winter, I’m SO ready for spring and summer to get here.

Mom’s obituary came out in Dad’s local paper today. They messed some of it up, so they’ll be running it again tomorrow I believe. They omitted some things and Dad wasn’t happy about it considering how much he paid for it. Here’s a link if you’re interested in seeing it.

Mom’s obituary

I started a new log cabin ghan a couple of weeks ago. Haven’t had but a few hours worked on it, but I really like how it’s taking shape. I also found a pattern that I love and so that helps as well.

I also promised you a pic of my Hinzeit mini block STITCHING. Here’s that too! It’s laying over my computer chair and that’s why it’s a bit cattawhompy.

No church for us today. I’m not feeling well enough to go. Dh took Dd up to Portland for an extras casting call for the movie Twilight. This is one of Dd’s favorite authors and book series, so she’s really excited. They are having a casting call for 14-17 yo’s for the high school scenes. She’ll have fun no matter what the outcome. Two of her friends are there as well. They just called me and are having fun standing in line talking to others that are from our area too. They are really close to the front of the line so they’ll be able to get in fairly quickly.

Okay…I’m off of here to go sit in my stitching room with dvds and my humidifier, cup of tea, bottle of water and saline spray. Oh yea…my 3 babies will be with me too. lol

Hugs all and thank you again for being such good friends.


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