Posted by: nancyca | February 5, 2008

We went shopping!!

The kids and I took off tonight and went shopping! I got a gorgeous black distressed sofa table to put up in my room for my computer. Here’s a pic of it in the store…

I’ll have to take a pic of when I get it all set up tomorrow. I also got new lamps for my bedroom as well. Two tall ones for the side tables and a shorter one for the new computer desk…

Here are the shades I got…

We also got dd a new bedding set. I don’t know if you can see the embroidered flowers on it. TOO cute! We’re changing rooms for her (now that she’s a young lady and no longer a little girl) and going to be painting (hopefully) this weekend. We’re going to get her a new white bedroom set and the walls will be a sunny yellow. Nice a bright. Here’s the bedding set…

Now that we’ve done all of that I’m EXHAUSTED!!! lol But it really was fun. I also got paint to paint her old room (we’re making it into a guest bedroom) which will be a very pale baby blue. Almost seaside looking in that room.

Hope you all had a great day!!


  1. Oo! New stuff! Very nice!

  2. Thanks Sue! We had so much fun shopping. The next thing we get to start looking for is a bedroom set for her. With a TWIN bed. We bought her a queen sized oak set…but way too big for the room….so now it’s in the spare room. LOL

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