Posted by: nancyca | January 13, 2008

Sunday at last

I got a pretty good start on my Spongebob graphed ghan last night. It’s just about killing ds that he can’t come into my craft room right now (it’s for him). He told his sister that it wasn’t fair that he couldn’t go in. I told him it’s because it’s one of his Christmas gifts. He says…Oh Mom….Christmas is OVER already! lmbo…But I told him it’s for Christmas 2008. Oh…he says…okay but aren’t you starting awfully early? I said YOU BET! He walked away in bewilderment! I love that boy more than life itself!

Today is called go to church, stop at PetCo on the way home and get the dogs another big bag of food, then home to do lunch and laundry and work a bit more on getting my craft room in order. I did 5 hours yesterday. 3 hours of that was going up and down a 3 step step ladder….oh my were my legs sore last night. ROFL But, it is looking pretty good so far! Lots of stash to go through and lots of floss to wind onto bobbins and get in their jammer boxes….etc… But, it will happen a little bit each day.

I’m going to get some pics of my SB ghan and my craft room either today or in the next few days…

Hope you all have a great day and get lots of family time and stitching!!!


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