Posted by: nancyca | January 11, 2008

Wooohooo it’s Friday!!

I’m SO glad it’s the weekend. This week and a half has been just ridiculous I tell you. And today will be no different. Lots to do.

Let me first ask a question…Why is customer service so crappy these days?? I mean just downright ‘I don’t give a crap about what you’re asking so I’ll be as rude as I can and short with you’ bad?? Am I the only one that’s seeing this? I have had 2 instances in the past couple of weeks where I’ve been nothing but kind and had a valid question for these companies. But apparently their CS people hate their jobs and their emails prove it. Anywhoot…I’m done with those companies. They will not get any money out of me anymore. And trust me…the one company is a yarn company and after being VERY shorted on some yarn that I bought from them and then the attitude I got from their CS…I won’t buy it anymore.

I got to talk to my Mom for about 10 seconds yesterday. It was the first time since New Year’s Day. And even then I only got to talk to her for about the same amount of time. But, at least I get to hear her voice and tell her how much I love her. And she does the same. That’s all that matters in the scheme of things, right?

Daddy sounds a lot better since he started taking time away from the facility where Mom is. He’s taking a bit more time for himself and going home and taking naps and getting laundry done and cooking himself some food instead of doing fast food all the time. He sounds more rested and in better spirits than when he was stressing about being there for Mom 100% of the time.

I didn’t get in ANY stitching of any kind yesterday. I did schooling with ds and then we did some art things and that was about it. We both LOVED it. We hadn’t had a day like that in weeks. But today it’s back to the grindstone.

Hope you all have a great day!!


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