Posted by: nancyca | January 10, 2008

Happy Thursday!

It’s been one of those crazy weeks that I am never home it seems and all over the place instead. My goodness!! I was supposed to start my new precept today, but I truly needed a day off after over a week of this busyness. I can catch up next week. I hate to do it, but ds and I really do both need a day of not having to go anywhere.

Yesterday, one of dd’s best friends (there are the 3 girls that have been best friends for 3 years now) moved back here from Florida. They moved away the end of August, but things didn’t work out for them. So, they are back here with everyone that loves them. Here’s a pic of dd and her friend that I snapped last night. They just got back the day before and she came over to see dd. I can tell dd wasn’t feeling well in this pic. Poor kid. *Edited to add that my dd is on the right*

And, because I was taking pics I had to get a pic of ds too. But, he was chewing his favorite ‘inked’ gum and wanted me to take a pic of him blowing a bubble. Too cute!

I finished up Capt Jack Sparrow from the UK Cross Stitcher. I did change his right eye to look more like his left as it just didn’t look right as charted. Here’s My Capt Jack:

I am back stitching on my Mirabilia FERN pixie. I found a mistake in one color, so I had to take that out and then put the right one back in…then I got about an hour done on her beyond that last night. Here she is:

Well, I’m off to get some breakfast for me and ds and then start schooling.

Have a fantastic day everyone!!


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