Posted by: nancyca | January 5, 2008

Hello out there!

Well, I’d have thought we’d be in OZ, but we’re still here. Goodness this Monster Storm is awful! Yes, that’s what they are calling it and it’s hitting the west coast pretty badly. We are staying inside and not going anywhere til this clears out tomorrow. Then either tomorrow night or Sunday night we are to have another COLD storm coming in that’s supposed to drop more snow. Interesting, huh?

Now, you all HAVE to see this. I saw this on another woman’s blog and just had to share it too! Here you go:

Isn’t that a HOOT!

I got the news from the endocrinologist today. I definitely have Grave’s disease. The endo doc at UCDavis said almost 5 years ago that I would end up with Hashimoto’s as I was in thryoiditis at the time. But since then my thyroid level keeps yoyo-ing and that is typical with Grave’s. That said, they cannot do anything til my thyroid level goes up high. Then they will do one of 3 things. Try anti-thyroid meds, inject my thyroid with radioactive iodine or take out part or all of my thyroid. Any of those three put me on meds the rest of my life. But until then, I have to just deal with the symptoms that come from going from hyper to hypo and back down and up and so on. NOT fun, but I’ve been doing it for 5 years now and at least I know for SURE what it is.

The endo doc also said I need to get my dd in and have her tested as well as soon as we can. He said it IS hereditary and it usually passes from Mom to daughter more so than to son. So I have the call into the doc and when he gets back in the office on Tuesday, we’ll set it up.

If anyone else has this thyroid issue, can you email me? I’d love to talk with someone that actually has it. The endo doc told me of some great websites to read up on it, but I’d love to have a real conversation with someone.

On the family side of things:

Mom ~ She is doing okay. She keeps getting out of bed (the sides are up, but she’s small enough to crawl either through them or over the bottom of the bed) and she’s bruising herself up. Not only that, but she’s not strong enough to walk by herself and she fell 3 nights ago and hurt her arm and shoulder. Nothing broken, but very bruised and sore. We’re so afraid she’s going to do this and break a hip.

My sister in law ~ They did a heart cath on her yesterday and found that she has a 60% blockage in one of her arteries and 100% blockage in a smaller artery. They also had done a cat scan on her a week before she collapsed (because she was having abdominal pain) and found a mass behind one of her ovaries. So, she’s going to have to have it biopsied and find out if it’s cancerous or not. They don’t want to do the heart surgery (to do roto rooter and put in a stint) until they know for sure.

Continued prayers for Mom and my SIL (her name is Peggy) and our family would be appreciated more than you can know. Thank you to those of you that have been praying for them/us. We do feel it as we are a family that believes in what the power of prayer can do.

Hugs and til next time!!

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