Posted by: nancyca | December 30, 2007

Good Sunday morning

It’s a quiet morning here. Everyone, including the dogs, is still asleep. But, that will change in a few minutes as the dogs will need to go out to potty and dd needs to getup to work at church for the first service today. She volunteers with the younger kids and loves it! She used to work with the babies (she was the one that would hold and rock them when they cried), but our new church really needs help in with the 1-3rd graders. So, she’s excited about that too. She just adores being with kids and always has.

After church today we are going to take down our decorations. It’s always a sad day of the year. If I could keep them up all year long I would do it! I remember one year that we kids (there were 5 of us at home at the time) begged our Mom to leave up the fake tree (we had a real and a fake silver one) and she agreed. It stayed up til mid APRIL after my bday. lol We loved it!!

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. Not a lot planned. We stay home and forget the crazy drunks out on the streets. The kids usually stay up til midnight with dh. I almost never make it. So, they come in and give me NY kisses and then I get phone calls from my Mom and my sister and sometimes 2 of my brothers. Then I’m back to sleep again. lol I know…TERRIBLY exciting, huh? I figure I did enough excitement back in my teens and 20’s for a lifetime. I don’t know about you!

I pray everyone has a safe and great day today!!

Hug and kiss your family. Tell them you love them every chance you get. You never know if that’s the last time you’ll see them.


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