Posted by: nancyca | December 27, 2007

Thursday here at last!

Well, is everyone still taking it easy from Christmas, or are you back at work and putting away decorations already?

We leave our decorations up til New Year’s Eve. It’s a tradition that I started when I got married (got it from my SIL’s family) that we put everything away on that day and start the new year fresh and clean. It’s wonderful. As much as I hate putting things away as Christmas is my favorite holiday of all times. I do keep a few things out year round though.

I got Danny’s afghan done in time for Christmas Day when he came over. I literally put the edging on it that morning. PHEW! Here are a couple of clickable pics….the first is Danny and his Mom holding the ghan. His Mom had tears in her eyes when she saw it. Danny was in shock. The second pic shows you the shock he was in. LOL

It was definitely worth all the work!

Now I’m working back on my cross stitch piece. It’s by Mirabilia and it’s called Fern. Here is a couple of pics. The first is where I left off the end of August…and the second is what I’ve gotten done in the past 2 nights. I have to say I LOVE stitching on her and can’t wait to pick her back up tonight.

2008 is going to be a year of stitching for me. Crocheting and Cross Stitching for my home and my immediate family. I have been doing so many exchanges the past few years that I’ve truly had no time to do things for my own family. So, this year will be that year. Are there any of you out there that do that as well?

Random site for the day is continuing….I’ve decided to do craft sites for a while. Crocheting, cross stitching, scrapbooking…etc.. Freebie patterns, etc too.

Random site for today is:

Free cross stitch patterns

That’s it for today folks! Have a good one and God bless!!


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