Posted by: nancyca | December 23, 2007

2 more sleeps everyone!!

It’s Sunday and only 2 more sleeps til Christmas Day!!

I never got a chance to get here yesterday. We had a family bake day/movie day/crocheting day (that was mine in between putting things in and out of the oven).

Here is the after-baking on the island. The kids got everything covered for the night.

Here’s a pic of the ghan that I’m almost finished with. I do a diagonal joining on my ‘square’ afghans as there are minimal ends that I have to weave in when finished. Sorry for the low light…there was enough light to have the flash NOT go off…weird, huh? The squares are 12 inch and the ghan is 4 by 6 feet without the border.

This morning is church. They are doing a Christmas service today and tomorrow evening. After church, it’s lunch then finish decorating what we baked yesterday. And we have to dip our pretzels in the chocolate!!! YUM! Then off to deliver our baked goodies to neighbors and friends.

The rest of the day will be me finishing that afghan while we watch movies as a family. I love it when the whole family is here. Especially when it’s for more than 2 days.

Random site:

Recycled yarn tutorial

It’s how those of us that crochet/knit can reuse old sweaters and such for making new things!! Cool, huh??

Christmas tradition:

Christmas in Alaska

Merry Christmas everyone!!


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