Posted by: nancyca | December 16, 2007

10 more days til Christmas!!

Can you believe a week and a half til Christmas?? I can! And, for all my friends that told me that they didn’t want to hear me giving gentle reminders about Christmas (I start that around Sept) and you are RUSHING around trying to get things done…I won’t say I told you so. Nuh uh… I won’t do it…ROFL!

Today I thought for SURE I would get to sit down and take a day off and cross stitch to my heart’s content. After all, I do have 3 ornies to make for my ds’s teachers and the last day is TUESDAY!! But, no…dh and I went out to the bank and then phone shopping as dd and I are both ready for upgrades…and then we went home, had lunch and grabbed the kids and went out and got our phones. We also let the kids take their GCs from Target (from one of their Gmas) and spend that too. It was a great day, but we didn’t get back home til almost 4pm. So, I’m hoping tonight to sit after dinner and cross stitch.

UPDATE on my cousin’s gd Dylan. She came through surgery just wonderfully and was hoping to get into a regular patient room tonight or tomorrow. They appreciate any and all prayers that you can send up in their behalf. And I thank you too for them.

Random site of the day…hmm…let me look on this one for a bit…brb…

Jigsaw Sudoku

Christmas Traditions:

Christmas in Mexico

Have a wonderful Saturday night and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


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