Posted by: nancyca | December 14, 2007

Good Friday morning!

Well, yesterday just got away from me. I woke up and decided to have a day at home with just some laundry and piddly things around the house. I haven’t had one of those days in SO long…so I took the girls to school, came home and was getting ds up for school when I remembered I had bible study! So, I didn’t get home til almost 1pm and had running around and other things to do the rest of the day. So much for the day at home.

Thought I could get away with it today, but alas not today either. More running around town for me. Maybe after lunch I can get in an hour of cross stitching. I truly do miss it soooo much!

My friend Sue had such a good name for herself yesterday I’m tempted to steal it for my every day name. Mrs. Lanious. It seems that’s what I do all day. So many miscellaneous things and I’m pooped out come bed time. lol But, you know I wouldn’t change it for the world. I am so blessed to be able to be at home with my children when they need me. And I’m grateful for that.

My cousin’s granddaughter could use some prayers if you are a praying person. Her name is Dylan and she’s a very special 8 year old little girl. Here is part of an email that my Uncle sent to me. When I email my cousin to find out what the disease is called, I will post it here.

Dylan was born with a rare disease, Can’t give ya the name of it, as it is so long and complicated. Anyhow, there are only about 25 known cases of this disease in the world. She is now eight years old. The disease causes the motor function not to work, she took many years before she could walk, she can barely talk, she can’t feed herself. The doctors don’t know what caused this and don’t know of anything that will combat the disease. She has been a study of many many doctors from all over the country and the world. She will never be a normal person, she will require someone to take care of her for the rest of her life. She was never expected to live this long. She is just a sweet heart. She does some things that children do. She does remember some things. The brain just doesn’t function as a normal brain.
She has seizures about 20 times a day. That is just wearing her down. They are hoping that by removing the left frontal lobe of her brain will do away with the seizures. they put electrodes in her brain today in an operation that required they remove the cranium, installed them and put the cranium back on and will continue to monitor the seizures via the electrodes from now through Friday, when they will go in again and remove the part of the brain that they believe will stop the seizures.

Now, she is in surgery this morning to remmove the electrodes and also the left frontal lobe. She is a sweet little girl and needs all the prayers she can get for today’s surgery and her life. Here’s a picture of her with Santa this year:

Today’s random site is:

Vegetarian Drink and Smoothie Recipes

I know that a lot of the people that read my blog are vegetarians. So, I thought I’d throw some recipes in there for you too!

Christmas tradition for today:

Christmas in Bethlehem

Have a gorgeous day and a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!



  1. Prayers for your cousins gd are coming her way. Hope everything went well.

    Feel free to include my dear friend Mrs. Lanious in your circle of friends!

  2. Thank you Sue. And I just LOVED Mrs. Lanious! She’s perfect for most of my days I feel. And probably a whole lot of other’s days as well.


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