Posted by: nancyca | December 11, 2007

2 weeks from today….Christmas EVE!

I know I said DAY yesterday, but it was just wishful thinking.

I have a really sad story about a family to share. This family has a dd that’s a senior and a ds that is a freshman in the same high school. This ds went home today and the parents said they were having a family meeting right then and there. The parents went on about how the dd was being just awful since the school season began and then proceeded to tell the ds how good he’d been with grades and attitudes and they were so glad about that. Then they dropped a bomb shell. They were cancelling Christmas because of the dd’s attitude as of late. No tree…no presents… no nothing.

When I heard this story I was at first mad at the parents. They have a habit of making the dd the star attention getter (whether good or bad) and pretty much ignore the ds to himself. They are missing out on a great ds btw as I know this child. I don’t know how they feel that by punishing their ds (that they said they were glad about) is justice for what his sister has done. I just don’t get that kind of parenting and don’t want to either.

Needless to say we have invited the ds to come to our home for Christmas Day if this truly comes to life in their own house AND if the parents say it is okay for him to come here. I have told him we love him and would love to have him here, but we will not go against his wishes as they are his parents.

So, I think we’re going to have to do a little bit of Elf magic for this family. We need to bring the TRUE meaning of Christmas back into their hearts (yes, they are Christians). We haven’t done this for a few years and it will feel good to do it again. It’s where for the 10 days before Christmas we leave a bible story and an item wrapped as a gift that represents that story on their doorstep and run like the dickens. We won’t reveal ourselves til the final present on Christmas Eve. It’s a fun thing to do and the families always enjoy it. And, yes I do know the parents and think they will enjoy the ‘game’ that ensues of trying to figure out who it is. lol So no worries there.

Okay…random site of the day:

How to bake Christmas cookies

It was literally a random site I came across. I have NOT tried the recipes.

And the Christmas Traditions for today:

Christmas in Africa

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Only 15 more days!!



  1. Oh dear! While I totally don’t agree with what the parents are doing, I also sense that they are beyond frustrated. What a great idea you have with the secret Santa gifts. Hopefully, they can get talking to an expert for some help.

  2. I think they are frustrated too, but not too fair to have the ds be punished when he’s doing so well. I’m hoping that they will change their minds and have Christmas. But, if not, the door is always open for their ds here.

    Secret Santa is sooo much fun!! I need to find my stories tomorrow!!

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