Posted by: nancyca | December 11, 2007

14 more sleeps!! Yay!

You know…my dogs are spoiled by my family, but me especially. It’s why I have them. They are my children as well. Now, I get such a kick when I see them doing something just way off the wall or just too doggone cute. hehe

Here’s one such time:

Niko was laying on the doggy bed with his toy and the other two are cleaning his face, ears, etc. while he just layed there and enjoyed the entire thing! It was hilarious! He would just look up at me like…ahhh….the spa treatment right here at home! I love my babies!

Today was a busy day to say the least! But, I got my Christmas Village up (not all of it as it wouldn’t all fit). I have 10 more ‘houses’ and TONS more of ‘extra’ stuff, but just didn’t want it looking too busy. I got the garland up on the stairs as well. The pic of the stairs turned out too dark, so I’ll have to take one during the day. Here’s a pic of the village though:

That’s it for tonight! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


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