Posted by: nancyca | December 10, 2007

2 weeks from tomorrow is Christmas Day!!

I don’t know about you, but I’m VERY excited about Christmas! Okay…so I love it all year long, but I get to sing Christmas songs legally and put my decorations up legally too! Woohooo!

Are your gifts all bought or made and wrapped? Well, I must say that the ones I’m making should be done by next weekend and we have all our store bought gifts done! Dh and I took an afternoon today and went to the 2 cities above ours to get what we needed. The ones in our own towns were out of what we wanted. Go figure.

It was really nice to get out alone with dh. We don’t get that very often with his job and it was wonderful. We even had lunch together and got to chat for 1/2 hour. What a treat! lol

Do you have any family traditions for Christmas Eve or Day? From my family growing up (we adopted this for our family) we get to open ONE gift on Christmas Eve only. The rest have to wait til Christmas Day after we have a pancake breakfast. Stockings are okey dokey before breakfast, but the rest has to wait. Oh, and Santa wraps his gifts for this house. hehehe or should I say hohoho?

Anywhooot…I get to get back to PT tomorrow and I can tell I missed last week. Not good. I will also be wrapping Santa gifts and hiding away for 2 weeks (the gifts…not me).

Hope you have had a wonderful weekend and will have a blessed week as well.

Random site for today:

Kaleidoscope Fun!

This is pretty cool and mind numbing. Just what you need after a day of business or in the morning needing to wake up?? If you take your mouse and just keep making circles on it it gets really cool!

Christmas traditions:

Christmas in Australia

Have a wonderful night and I’ll catch ya tomorrow!




  1. Our Christmas tradition is that we wait until Christmas day to open all the presents, and one person gets to play elf and hands out the packages one by one. We all take turns opening presents. It’s really fun. Then we have breakfast. :o)

  2. Sue, we also have an ‘ELF’ that hands out and we open gifts one at a time. It’s a way to appreciate each one and everyone gets to see what the others got.


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