Posted by: nancyca | December 4, 2007

It’s trash night here….

Dd dreads Tuesday nights. It’s her job to get all the trash and recycles out of the house, into the bins and out to the curb. She doesn’t like doing it, but also knows it’s not too bad. Usually I do the upstairs and she gets the downstairs and then takes it all out. She is always so swamped with homework that she leaves it til last minute, then it’s a rush before she goes to bed.

Ds came home with a tummy ache yesterday morning 45 min after I got him to school. Now, the school is literally behind our house. And he usually walks himself. But with the winds making the rain go sideways…I thought it best that I walk with him and the umbrella or he’d look like Mary Poppins flying away! I’ll tell you I got such an aerobic workout taking him over there and back. Then, 45 min later, I had to do it all again. We were leaning into the wind with the umbrella and not falling over. It was hilarious!

Today I’m hoping to get my living room cleaned (think teenager doing homework and eating) and then get my garland up on my staircase. Dd has an orthodontist appt (her first after getting braces off 2 months ago) and then home for dinner and the night time routines.

My random site of the day today is:

Amazing Moms

It’s a really cool site with all kinds of things to do with the family throughout the entire year!

Christmas tradition site:

Christmas in Chile

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