Posted by: nancyca | December 3, 2007

Are we in Oz yet honey??

Well, it has been blowing us around pretty good the past 24 hours. And it isn’t done yet with us! It sounds awful up in our bedroom where there is a bay window that sticks out from the house. Kind of looks like a lighthouse. Really cool. But at night the wind will wake you up and you expect to see Glenda there congratulating you on killing the wicked witch of the east!

Today was to be a day of catching up on those bible study tapes (remember…the 2 hours I need to watch and take notes on before this Thursday) and get a bunch of Christmas crocheting done. But, my little guy called 45 min into school. His tummy is really hurting and he’s shaky. Oh no….dd was home with this for 4 days last week from school. As were a few of her friends. So, I guess we’ll see where he goes with it and take it from there the poor little guy.

So, after I get ds all settled in I’m going to watch at least one hour of the tapes. Maybe I can get in the other hour tomorrow? We’ll see what tomorrow brings first though, shall we? You never know in this house.

My dogs are all happy at my feet. It’s where they love to be when I’m on the puter….well okay WHEREVER I am they are touching me or by my side. I truly love them for that. They are all my snuggle bugs totally! Dd took a pic of them the other night when I was on the puter:

Don’t they look all comfy cozy? lol You will notice that Niko has his ‘baby’ as his pillow. He’s so funny. He does that all the time. Oh, and yes….yes…that is a bra sitting on that red fabric file box. Dd took it off there when getting ready for the dance. She was leaving it on til last minute…uh huh…let’s see how long it stays there, shall we?? ROFL

Okay…random site of the day:

Ancient Egyptian Virtual Temple

This place looks really cool…well, if you’re into the ancient Egyptian stuff like we are anywhoo…

And, Christmas tradtions….

Christmas in Ireland




  1. Aw! Those puppies are cute! I hope your ds is feeling better soon. BTW, I turned on the news this morning to hear all about the bad weather up there! Stay safe!

  2. Thanks Sue, ds is back in school today and the wind is starting to die down now. Goodness what the wind and rain did in OR since Saturday!

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