Posted by: nancyca | December 2, 2007

Rest on Sunday…

Today is the Sabbath and we’re to rest. Well, it’s what I get to do whether I want to or not. Friday found out I have a sinus infection that went into my throat…urgent care doc gives me an anti that I know I cannot take, but he insists I can. I take yesterday, get sicker than a dog and lose 5 pounds in one day. Today, feel a bit better, but not enough energy to do what I really wanted to do (get the rest of the Christmas decos up), so I’ll be sitting with my heating pad and crocheting.

Last night was the big Snoball dance! The kids had an absolute blast! Here’s a close of my my dd and her boyfriend. I noticed that she looks a bit like Suzy Who with the tree behind her head.

But, just a handsome couple! And they had fun last night at the dance with all their friends. Then went to get ice cream afterwards with dd’s best friend’s parents. They (dd and best friend) were exhausted this morning, but uploading all the pics they took last night. We fed them breakfast and off they went!

I got a pic of my downstairs tree last night. You can’t really see the ornies and such on it very well, but you’ll get a good idea of it anywhoot. Ds and I put on the ornies every year. We have so much fun looking at each one and who gave it to who and what it meant to them.

I’ll get a pic of the upstairs one as well today and post it tomorrow. It’s a 4.5 footer and has handmade ornies on it of all kinds.

Today’s random website…..

Meal Nutrition Tracker

This is a site that you put in what you ate for a meal and it will tell you what you just put in your body nutrition wise. Interesting, huh?

And also the Christmas Traditions:

Christmas in Egypt

Merry Christmas everyone!



  1. Oh, I hate sinus infections….I had a dream last night I had one…I think my nose was just stuffed as I slept. Hope you feel better soon! CUTE pic of the kids!!!!!

  2. The kids look great! How fun for them to go to a fancy dance! And the tree looks great! What a nice tradition you and your ds have every year. :o)

  3. Thanks Lucy. I usually know when I get one, but this time I was just oblivious to it!

    Thank you both about the kids. They really did have a great time.

    And Sue, isn’t making traditions what this time of year is all about? I just want my kids to remember these times as they get older and want to carry them on with their own children.

    Ahhh memories…

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