Posted by: nancyca | December 1, 2007

Saturday/ Snoball day!!

Tonight is the big night for the kids!!! We’ve been working our way up to this night for a few months now. It’s all going to be worth it!

Dinner here and then dh will take them off to the dance. They are going after the dance to get ice cream at DQ in their tuxes and dresses. lol They think it’ll be fun to do. I couldn’t agree more! Then dh will go pick them all up. Who knows…maybe he’ll go have ice cream with them. Too late for me.

We’ve gotten up the downstairs tree…just have to decorate it now. I want to get pics of the kids in front of the tree for sure! And of course LOTS of other pics too.

It’s very cold and windy here. We’re still being told that we’ve got snow coming. The sun has been out partially and we’ve had a touch of flurries mixed into the rain that happened this morning….we’re still waiting for that blanket of snow.

I’ve got an update on my Mom. Bless her heart, she’s been on such a roller coaster since she had the strokes. Today she’s having a wonderful day. She was moved to a long term care facility yesterday and it’s like a 5 star hotel. They even have a dentist on staff and a podiatrist! What more could she ask for? haha We love to tease her about it as she has ‘killer toenails’ and so the doc will be in to cut them for her next week.

If you find it in your heart to say a prayer for my parents, those prayers would be appreciated more than you can know. They are going through a lot right now together.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas inside the house. I’m hoping by next weekend to have all the decorations up. I’m not taking pics (maybe the trees this weekend) of the house until then. I’ll be working all week to get the decos going.

Random site of the day:

Just because we all need something cute in our lives

And, as promised, a Christmas tradition:

Christmas in Brazil

Have a great Saturday!!


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