Posted by: nancyca | November 26, 2007

Monday is here!

Back to the grind for us all! Kids go back to school and dh went back to work. I miss them already!

What a busy weekend. We had friends of the children sleep over both Friday and Saturday. Then it was church, shopping and a bday part at the bowling alley yesterday. Got home around dinnertime.

It’s really cold here. 33* when I took the girls to school this morning (I carpool with another mom). We even have the hope of snow tonight!! I’m so excited as I LOVE snow and so do the kids. It’s the one thing we truly miss about living in the CA sierras.

Today I promise to get the pics of the ghans I have going.

I got to talk to my Mom yesterday and she sounded pretty good. She was having a good day as she got some really needed sleep the night before. Tomorrow the docs and rehab people are going to have a meeting with my Dad to discuss where Mom is going from here.

I have only dishes once ds is off to school until my massage PT this afternoon, so I will be making my exchange xstitch ornie into ornie form today. I won’t be able to share a pic until the recipient receives it though.

Random website for today is:


This is a site that has thousands of FREE Ebooks.

Hugs and stay warm out there for those that are freezing and for you all in the southern parts…get that a/c on early!!!



  1. Nancy
    I really like reading your blog.
    maybe some day I will get mine together.
    Hope everything works out with your mom.

  2. Thank you Evelyn! I really do enjoy writing it. It’s a great way for my family and friends to keep up with us as I am not a phone talker at all. lol

    HUGS and yours will get there!

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