Posted by: nancyca | November 25, 2007

Sunday is the day for rest

Although I’m not sure that my body got that memo…

I woke up at 2:30 am and could not sleep. I know it’s because of the stress about my Mom. And the fact that I can’t get there to see her before she passes. But, I am talking to her every day. I will always cherish those conversations along with all that we’ve talked about since I was born.

Today is a semi busy day. I’m just hoping that I can fall asleep after I get off of here so I can enjoy today. lol

My friend’s 3 children spent the night last night and we are to meet up with her at church this morning. Right after church I will be taking dd to a bday bowling party. I think I’ll come home, eat some lunch, fold my laundry in the dryer and then take a nap.

I got another 12 inch square done last night for an afghan I’m making for Christmas. That’s 6 done now and I need 14 more. I’ve been focusing on another ghan I’m making that is a gorgeous daisy pattern and it’s in white, green and purple. I’ll take pics of my progress on both of them later today.

I sat last night and did 4 towel toppers as well for sets I’m making for my family. I have one more set to do and then crochet a couple of dish cloths for them as well.

I have SO enjoyed having my kids home the past week. Everyone knows I adore my children and I’m always bummed when they have to go back to school after having holiday time off. But, they only have 3 weeks of school, then it’s 2 weeks off for Christmas and New Year’s!

Dh will also have the same 2 weeks off that the kids do for his final vacation time of the year. If he doesn’t use it, he loses it. So, he always saves 2 weeks of his vacation time for this time of year. Yay!

Okay…random site for today is:

Encyclopedia of Spices

With all of the holiday cooking going on and such, I thought it might come in handy!

Have a wonderful day everyone! And, remember to REST today if you can, huh?


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