Posted by: nancyca | November 23, 2007

I’m back!!

Things have been so crazy since the beginning of Sept that I’ve not been blogging. Here’s a quick catch-up.

My Mom had a double stroke and went into the hospital on Sept 5th. The children and I made an emergency flight to CA on Sept 11th. She was having carotid artery surgery that day and our flight was supposed to be in before she went to surgery. But, they upped her surgery by 2 hours and so we didn’t get to see her beforehand. We stayed down there for 5 days to make sure all was okay.

Came home and Mom was doing well in the hospital and the rehab unit she was living at afterwards. Well, then they decided after 3-4 weeks that Mom was okay to go home. Now, we…the family…knew better. My parents are both 81 years old and we knew that Dad would have a hard time taking care of Mom. Sure enough…after 4 weeks of being home, Dad took Mom to the ER this past Saturday. They ran all kinds of tests and said there was no more damage to her brain, but that the strokes she had were very major ones and that the rehab place should have never sent her home. See, she went downhill at home. Memory, bodily functions, etc. She is now in a different rehab facility (the one she was in to recover when she had her knees replaced). Dad is with her from the time they let him in in the mornings til he has to leave at night. She asks him to come and lay with her in her bed and just hold her til she falls asleep. It’s so sweet and so sad all at the same time. My parents got engaged 62 years ago this month and will be married 62 years in Feb 2008. It’s a true love story that isn’t too common these days. Dh and I hope we make it to 62 years!

Other than that, fall came in like a lion, but seemed to make way for winter a bit earlier than normal. And that’s really okay with me. I love the fall/winter season. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas too!

I pray that your TG Day was a wonderful one with all your family and friends around. Since we live a state away from all of our families we enjoyed each other yesterday immensely! We also missed Mom and Dad so very much. This will be the first Christmas that we won’t see them as Mom cannot travel.

Speaking of Christmas! It’s ON IT’S WAY!!

I’ve been busy already making crochet and cross stitch items for Christmas every chance I get!

I’ll post some pics sometime this weekend to catch all up on that.

I hope you have a wonderful Friday!!


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