Posted by: nancyca | August 11, 2007

The weekend

My fabric came for my Mirabilia Fern fairie. It is absolutely GORGEOUS too! It is by PTP and the name of the fabric is Pansy and it’s linen. I cannot wait to get started on her on Sept 1st.

I finished my San Man last night. I ended up not putting the sewn snowflakes around the upper part of it. I didn’t like how it looked at all. So, I’m either going to leave it be, or put dainty snowflake buttons on it. Let me know what you’d do. I’m up for public opinion!

I am now working on a special piece that I started last night and will get done by tonight so that I can mail it off on Monday to it’s rightful owner. hehehe I love being sneaky! I’ll post a pic of it when the owner gets it.

Started a new book Thursday. It’s the fourth in the garden mysteries. I realized I already have this book, but don’t ever remember reading it. So, I suppose the extra copy will go up on Ebay or Amazon. I sure don’t need two.

We are heading out as a family (plus dd’s bestfriend) tomorrow to Florence, OR. Dh’s Aunt and Uncle live there and there will also be other family visiting that dh hasn’t seen in 20-30 years! It’s going to be a blast and it’s also going to give me my coastal fix. I haven’t seen the coast in a year and a half and I’m going buggy!! I’m going to get barefoot and run my toes in the surf and sand. I LOVE it there.

I’ll post pics probably Monday from our trip. Can’t wait!

Take care everyone!


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