Posted by: nancyca | August 3, 2007


Good morning everyone!

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Hubby will be home this morning and that’s always a good thing. He got an earlier flight otherwise he wouldn’t have been home til late afternoon.

Last weekend when we had our block garage sale, I was continuing to go through boxes and found some
treasures for sure. One of them was the birth piece that I did for our daughter. She was born in 93 and this has a year of 95 on it. So, either I stitched it in 95, or I finished it up in 95. Not sure which. Here’s a pic of it:

I thought I had lost it to the garage/moving demons forever, so I just last month found this same chart pack and bought it to stitch again. I’m SO glad I found the original. It needs to be washed and ironed and framed.

I’m currently stitching on a San Man piece (taking a break from my HAED one). It’s a fun break from the tiny stitching.

Dd and I are going to try to get to the movies to see Hairspray this weekend. And guess what!?

Hubby and I get to go out on a DATE tomorrow night! WHAT? you say….and you’d be right! lol Sad, but true, we haven’t had a DATE in over a year. A friend of mine has 3 children and my children are friends with them. They want both of my children to spend the night there
tomorrow night. WOOHOO! We LOVE our children, but WOOHOO!! Time alone! That is very hard to get when dh is only home on the weekends. We’re going out to dinner and a movie. WOW!

Anywhoot…I’m going to get my day going (after being up 5 times last night and not getting good sleep) and then go to chiro and back home to see my HONEY!

Have a great day all and remember…

Everyone has a photographic memory. Some just don’t have any film.


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