Posted by: nancyca | July 18, 2007

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Well, I woke up to glorious RAIN!! Can you say YIPPEE!! I LOVE living in Oregon and this is why. We get rain in the summertime to cool things off after a heat spell. Love it!

My dd had her tonsils and adenoids out on Monday morning. She is in a lot of pain, but is drinking LOTS of ice water and juice and yesterday actually had some solid food. The pain by last night had gone into her ears and so she took 2 pain pills to sleep. That was a good thing as she has slept all night and is still asleep. Bless her heart.

I am working on a xstitch piece that is a lighthouse with a map sort of thing behind it right now. Here’s a pic of what I’ve gotten done so far:

I also started a new scrap ghan. I know…I have 3 ghans going now, but I love working on each one.

I’m also collecting 12 inch squares for a comfortghan. A VERY good friend of the family (she’s like family) lost her home in the Lake Tahoe fires. She is an 83 yo woman and her dh had built that house himself 33 years ago. She had just lost her dh 4 years ago. So, now she is starting all over. Her daughter Bev (my sil’s best friend) has also lost all in that fire. So, I’m going to make a comfortghan for Patty (Bev’s mom). If you are interested in making one or more for this ghan, please email me or leave a message here. The colors are any warm colors and definately NO WOOL. I am allergic to it and cannot work with it. Thank you if you can help!

Well, I was tagged not only ONCE, but TWICE for

I was tagged by Theresa and Madelyn . I’m assuming they think I really need to tag 10 people instead of 5. ROFLMBO!! I’ll do my best to make you proud ladies!!

I’m going to have to think about what 10 ladies I’m going to tag and then come back and edit this post. I have most of them figured out…just need to take time to get their urls.

Hugs all and have a wonderful day!!!


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