Posted by: nancyca | July 15, 2007


Well, it’s been a busy morning. I re-arranged the spare bedroom this morning and now I need to go buy a small table to put in there for dd. She’s having her surgery tomorrow to take out tonsils and adenoids. The surgeon told us this will be the last major sore throat that she’ll ever have. PRAISE GOD! This kid should have had them out 12 years ago. The surgeon was amazed that our 2 different pediatricians never had them taken out.

So, dh and dd will be home from seeing HP5 in a few (ds and I saw it last week on opening day). Then, I’ll take dd and go to the grocery store to get her all she needs for the next few days. That includes a stop to Borders for some books for both of us. We will be getting our money’s worth out of Netflix this month (not like we don’t always) as dd will be down for 2 weeks. The first week will be the worst and then the 2nd week will be getting better and getting strength back up.

Then we’ll be getting ready for our trip to the coast with our girl scout troop. We’re going to Newport Beach and we’re going to have a blast!! I miss the ocean so very much. I lived in Santa Cruz, CA area for 16 years. I miss the beaches and the ocean smell and the fog and and and…. Dh and I have decided that we are going to move to the coast when the kids are gone. We’re thinking upper nw oregon coast, but we’ll see. If so, I’ll be even closer to my pal Puffaroos! Wouldn’t that be cool?

Anywhooot…if I’m not here the next few days to a week you’ll know I’m taking care of my dd.

God bless everyone!


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