Posted by: nancyca | July 11, 2007

Happy HOT Wednesday everyone!

It is only supposed to be 100* today instead of the 105* it was yesterday. So that is a cool down of sorts. ugh…

I’m taking ds out to an early lunch today and then we get to see the new Harry Potter movie at 12:30. We are SO excited. My family is also excited about the 7th book coming out on the 21st. Oh my goodness! Bittersweet that book is though. Can’t wait to see what happens, but am saddened by the end of the book.

So, I started a new xstitch piece last night. It’s a Sue Hillis design called Snowman Kit . I think I’ll stitch some more on this today after we get home from the movie.

I’m missing my dd very much. She’s at camp this week and I haven’t spoken to her since Saturday night. She goes in on Monday to have her tonsils and adenoids out on Monday. I’m so glad she gets to go have some fun the week before that happens.

Hope you have a great day and here’s a pic of my Johnny D to make you smile. Okay…even if it doesn’t make YOU smile, it does ME! lol



  1. It’s hawt alright! Have a great day with your son!

  2. We had such a good day that day. The movie was wonderful, had a good lunch together, then came home and made dinner together too. Great Mom and Son week.

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