Posted by: nancyca | July 9, 2007

It’s my 19th wedding anniversary today!

Unfortunatetly my darling husband is on a plane towards Oakland, California right now. We did get to have a wonderful dinner last night together with our son. And, we spent most of yesterday together which was perfect!

My daughter left for camp on Sat evening. She’ll be gone til this Saturday and I’m going to miss her terribly. I always feel like my right arm is missing when one of my children are gone. Can you say ’empty nest syndrome’ when they leave for college???

The kids and I were in an accident a week ago today. I thank GOD for my GMC Yukon. If we’d have been in my old 4runner, it would have been toast! Just minimal damage done to the Yukon. The kids are okay. Daughter had a sore low back for a few days, but was okay after that. I, unfortunately, didn’t fare as well. Because of my fibro being in a flare-up already, it made it worse. So, I’m seeing my chiro and he’s helping a lot. I went to my regular gp and he wouldn’t do anything. Didn’t even blink when I said I had been in an accident 2 days before seeing him. THAT was a big clue that I need to find another doctor. He wouldn’t even give me anything for the pain. I was sooo mad. So, I’m doing this MY way now and I’m on the search for a doctor that actually sees fibro patients on a regular basis.

Our weather is supposed to be getting even HOTTER than it has been. Supposed to be 90* today, but then tomorrow it’s to be 103*!
That’s right Johnny D! 103*… Guess I’ll be turning on the a/c around 5am tomorrow, huh?

Today the a/c will go on in about an hour. We didn’t turn it on yesterday til too late and it didn’t ever cool down the house.

I have a chiro appt this morning and also a trip to the post office is in order. I’m hoping to get an ornie xstitched up today. My cross stitch group has monthly FREEBIE and THEMED sal’s and this month the themed one is ornies and nature. May have to find a freebie and stitch that up too. After all, the month is early, right?

I’ve been working on my giant ripple when I get the chance to. This week should be a good week for stitching all around. With just me and my son home…other than doc appt’s I should be able to do LOTS of stitching. Ahhh…the best laid plans.

I hope you all have a most awesome day and stay safe and sound.



  1. *sigh* Johnny Depp. *sigh*

    Happy Anniversary, Nancy!

  2. Thank you Sue!

    And, Oh…don’t I know it about Johny D?? I got a Captain Jack Sparrow super comfy blankie for my anniversary. I got to sleep with him last night. OH MY!

    Is it HAWT in here???

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