Posted by: nancyca | June 8, 2007

Been a couple of weeks….I know…I know…

The end of the school year this year seems to be kicking my butt. A LOT more stress than I bargained for. But, I do what I have to and collapse at night. lol

I’ve actually been xstitching! Yes, you read that right XSTITCHING! Amazing, isn’t it? I am working on a summer exchange piece and loving every minute of it. I do hope that she loves it as much as I have been working on it.

Other than that, just dealing with morons at 2 different schools, dealing with punk 7th graders who constantly feel it’s their duty to mess with our property and drive my 3 dogs crazy with barking and then just everyday life in general. I’m sure you can all relate at some time or another. And, wuite frankly…..

Next Wed is my son’s last day and Thurs is my daughter’s last day. Can you say


So, just less than one week to go and we are all counting down the days!!

Hope you all have a wonderful, glorious day!!

A p.s. for my new picture. Thank you Mia for having that made for me. I absolutely LOVE IT!



  1. The last few weeks of school are always brutal for everyone. Hang in there, Nancy!

  2. AMEN Sue! It seems the older they get, the worse the last month is busy/stress wise. GOODNESS!


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