Posted by: nancyca | May 18, 2007

Friday! It’s Friday!!

It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood! Won’t you be my neighbor??

Well, it’s a wonderful day today. The sun comes and goes and I have all the windows open in the house and I’m enjoying the springtime breeze it’s bringing into the house. I’m looking forward to the weekend with my family. No stress, no mess….just lots of love and relaxation for us all this weekend. I am planning on getting my next big xstitch piece kitted up. It’s called Story Keep from HAED. Here’s a pic of it:
I just LOVE this piece and a good friend of mine sent it to me in a gift package. It’s a big one and I know I’m going to LOVE every minute of stitching on it. I haven’t done a big piece in a couple of years, so it’s time to get cracking again!

I’m also going to be starting some crocheted socks this weekend. I got some really lovely Egyptian cotton yarn in a deep torquoise color for them. These socks will be mine and if I can master the pattern I may be making them for Christmas gifties too!

So, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Catch ya next week and have a wonderful weekend everyone!

“I would rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not”

Lucille Ball quote


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