Posted by: nancyca | April 22, 2007

Good Sunday morning everyone!

It is around 8:30am on Sunday and I’m up and moving for 2 hours now. My hubby is really sick, so I’ll be taking him in to our dr’s office today (thank goodness for Sat and Sun hours!). We’ll see whoever’s on call and that’s okay. It’s better than having to go to the ER and that expense. We think he has bronchitis and I’m NOT letting him fly out to wherever he was going to go with this. In the 6 years he’s worked for this company, he’s never taken ONE sick day. I told him the time is now and I was putting my foot down. He never gets this sick and by george he’s going to stay home and get better.

I will be xstitching today. I’m making a bookmark. It’s a 2 x 9 inch one. Very cute too. I’m also reading the final book in the Left Behind series. It’s called Kingdome Come. The first few chapters I wasn’t getting into it, but after that the book took off and it’s wonderful. My next book in line is Wicked then Son of a Witch. The first is a story of Oz from the Wicked Witch of the West’s point of view, the second being from her son’s point of view. I’ve had friends that have read them both and loved them. Dd’s friends have also read them and loved them. So, dd and I are taking turns reading.

Other than that it’s a sunny day right now. Subject to change to rain at any point. haha We are to have off and on showers today, sunny tomorrow and then the rain comes back in Tuesday. It’s okay though…it’s why I live in Oregon!

Have a wonderful day and I’d love to hear from you!



  1. My goodness, Nancy I hope the dh is better by now. I’m so behind on blog reading and board posting I’ve missed a lot of what’s been going on with everyone. I hope with the upcoming week I can do better.

  2. Thanks Maddie. He is defiantely feeling better. Just a cough that is left and that will take a bit to go away.


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