Posted by: nancyca | April 15, 2007

Sunday ALMOST evening

Well, dh’s last day of vacation is today and I’m going to miss him terribly. Unfortunately he’s been sick for the past 3 days and still not totally up to par. Thank goodness this happened now and not while he was on the road.

Here’s a wee ditty that I found on a friend’s blog…

More Fun Quizzes at

Anywhooo…started a cross stitch piece today. YES! Can you believe it? ROFL me…xstitching for the first time in 3 months! Amazing! It’s a 2×9 bookmark. Very cute and I hope to get it done this week.

Have a wonderful week everyone!!


  1. Sorry to hear about your DH, Nancy, but good to hear you’re stitching again. Start small is a good way to get back into it again. Hopefully, a quick finish for you! We’re do for an email exchange. I miss our chats!



  2. Hooray for you stitching again!! That’s wonderful news. The birthday quiz was fun too – mine is National Tattoo Artist Day.

  3. Thanks Kathie. Unfortunately he has to fly out of state tomorrow and back to the grind. Hopefully he’s feeling on the upswing of this. Took dd 5 days and he’s had it 3.

    I, too, miss our chats. Let’s start that up again, huh?

    Lani, Tattoo Artist Day? There are some really talented people out there, aren’t there. My goodness! Good for them! But, you won’t catch me with a tattoo…

    HUGS ladies!

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