Posted by: nancyca | April 2, 2007

Palm Sunday today

Well, I was born on Palm Sunday so it not only has a biblical meaning to me, it was also a great day to be born on as well!

Today is the last day of spring break for my children. I am sorry they have to go back to school. I truly LOVE having them home. Hearing them laugh, being with them and just enjoying them completely. They won’t be children long. They are growing up faster than I want them to. But, doesn’t that happend to all parents?? My dd will be starting high school in the fall and I can’t help but wonder when she got that old? lol

Well, I got to work on my ripple a bit over the past couple of days. Here’s my progress as of yesterday:

As you can see, I’ve started the repeat. These will be the only colors in this big momma of a ghan!! They are not done justice in this picture either. Dh looked at the pic and said they just don’t look as vibrant as they do in true life. He’s right too.

I have finished book 2 (The Regime) of the PREquel to the Left Behind series. I’m almost 1/2 done with the third book and am hoping to finish it this week as the next Left Behind series book comes out on the 7th of this month. I cannot WAIT to get it! Who else thought that the last one WAS the last one?? ME!! Pick me!! But, apparently not. Wonder if THIS is the last one?? Hmm…???

Here’s a pic of our beta. His name is Fishy Fish. I know…I know…but no one would name him and it’s what I started calling him. And it stuck. Now, he DOES have a tank, but because I was so sick the last 3 weeks I couldn’t clean it (and no one else claims to know how!) so he’s in a water bottle til I can clean his tank out. He’s a gorgeous blue/purple/red…

Well, better scoot and watch POTC as it’s one of my favorite movies…..Ahhhh that Johnny D!! Just YUMMY!
Have a wonderful night and a great week everyone! Til next time…remember to be alert! The world needs more lerts!!



  1. Your ripple is coming along nicely Nancy. I hope you have a great week!!

  2. Thank you Sue! I am loving your’s too!


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