Posted by: nancyca | March 28, 2007

A NEW episode of of House is on tonight!!

Well, as some of you may have noticed on the right hand sidebar…I have joined the No-end-in-sight-ripple-ghan. Click on the pic of it and it’ll take you to the blog. There are some WONDERFUL afghans going on there. I recommend that if you like ripples….go raid your existing stash (come on now…you KNOW you have enough..hahaha) and join on in!

Here is the LINK for the pattern I am using.

Here are some pics of my start:

This is the yarns I am using:

This was how much I got done the first day:

This is where I am as of this afternoon:

My ghan is 7′ 5″ wide and I’m planning on making it 8′ long as well. I want a BIG OL’ GHAN!

Well, I got 15 items up on Ebay today. Hoping to get more there tomorrow. I also got my game room moved around and things gone and some put in . LOL It is MUCH better now and we can all use it comfortably!! That was the plan. No more storage room.

Have a wonderful day all!!



  1. You got a great start on the ripple.

    Good luck with the eBay business. I hoping it will pay off for you.

  2. Thank you Sue! I am loving this ripple for sure. And, I am really hopeful on Ebay, but only time will tell. LOL

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