Posted by: nancyca | March 26, 2007

Monday Monday….do you hear the Mamas and the Papas??

Well, it’s Monday…dreary Monday. Good thing is that after I got up at 6:30 to let pups go potty, I got to go back to bed! I didn’t have to stay up!! Woohooo! I slept in til 8:50 and it felt VERY good. I don’t get to do that too often.

After all the furniture moving around we did in this house yesterday, I’m hoping to finish all that up today with the kids. I want to start painting ds’s bedroom at some point this week I hope. We’re going to make it look like it’s under water. Pretty neat huh? We have some greenish blue paint and I’m going to try a sponging technique to see if it will work. If not, then I’ll just roll it on and add some details to it.

I started a ripple ghan over the weekend. It is 7’5″ wide and I’m not sure how long it will be. Long enough is all I can say!! Maybe around 8 or 9′. I want it big enough so that hubby can be under it without his feet sticking out (he’s 6′ tall) and also so that it will drape over any bed in the house. I’m just using up my stash in my closet and the Ebay stash (those of you that know the haul I got off of Ebay).

That’s all I know today and I’m sticking to it!!




  1. Sleeping in! Heavenly! I can’t start spring cleaning until my Pergo gets replaced. They are starting next Monday. Then the cleaning will begin!

  2. Sue, I love our laminate floors too! I’m so glad they are replacing them.

    When they are finished, I’ll be cheering you on with your spring cleaning! LOL

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