Posted by: nancyca | March 23, 2007

Woohoo it is Friday and Spring Break!

The kids and I are so happy today! It’s to be around 66* (which means opening up the windows) and playtime outside!! We’re also going to hit the pool next week as many days as we can. My kids are fish most definately! They love to swim.

I am going to start my spring cleaning today. The living room is the most obvious place to start. The kids LIVE in that room so I’m on a mission today.

I am probably about 80% right now with this flu/cold thing. I will say I feel soo much better than I did last week at this time. YAY!! But, I know that I cannot push it or I’ll relapse. Plus, dh is just coming down with it and he’ll be home this afternoon…yes…the spare bedroom will be awaiting him. LOL

I am going to try to start crocheting a flying pig today. Not sure I will get there. With being so into the books I’m reading it’s just hard to put them down to stitch. Here’s the flying pig that I want to stitch up. One of my favorite games on Pogo is Hog Heaven. It’s a no brainer game and I have met some very nice Christian people in there to chat with when I get the chance.

So, that’s all I know and just remember to SMILE! It’s contagious!



  1. That’s right missy. Do not push your luck!! No relapsing allowed. Just relax and enjoy your day!!

    Cute piggie! That should be a fun and fast project.

  2. When your done spring cleaning there you can come and do mine lol.

  3. Wow, spring break already? Do your kids get a mid winter vacation too? Take care and get better. No cleaning until you’re 100%!

  4. Sue, for some reason OR does a weird spring break. In CA it was the week after Easter Sunday. Not so here. I just think that’s strange… We get 2 weeks at Christmas, spring break and that’s it.

    Andrea……have you seen the size of this house?? EGADS when I’m done I’m done! ROFL

    Maddie…no, not pushing it. Everyone tells me that the draining and cough last for about 2 weeks more, so I’m praying for 1 week more. I’ve had this over 2 weeks already…lol

    Hugs ladies!!

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