Posted by: nancyca | March 15, 2007

I know…I know…not been here

Well, I’ve been sick once again. This is it for me. This has been the worst and I’m done with being sick. I am sooo ready for spring and summer to get here it’s not funny! I am NEVER sick like this. Apparently I keep being told at the doctor’s office that this has been the worst winter for our county. People are getting things 3-4 times instead of maybe 2 times. ugh…

Anywhoo…what have I been up to? Well, here are some finishes I’ve done. All 3 are baby ghans that I will be selling on my Ebay store:

I have also started a new afghan just for ME! You read that right ME ME ME!! The last one I made for me my hubby stole. LOL Here’ s what it will look like when finished:

There is a pattern, then it repeats 7 more times for a total of 8 repeats. I am at the beginning of the 2nd repeat. It is just too gorgeous! I am using Caron Simply Soft for it.

Oh…saw this on Sue and Lucy’s blogs and had to put mine here too. I am cracking up! Mine are real….are her’s???

Your Celebrity Boob Twin:

Carmen Electra

Okay…that’s enough for now. LOL

I want to ask for prayers for a very good friend of mine. She has one granddaughter in the hospital with pneumonia and fluid on her lungs and the fever won’t go away because of it. She’s not quite 1.5 years old. Her other g daughter (also under 2) is having seizures, her mother is having heart issues and she also needs prayers to be able to deal with it all. Thank you for any and all prayers you can send up for them.

Remember…be alert! The world needs more lerts!!



  1. The ghans are all lovely. Good luck with the sales.

    I hope you feel better soon Nancy. You’ve had a rough few months.

    Hope your friend’s grandchildren are okay. Will keep them in my prayers.

  2. You have an Ebay store??? How come I didn’t know about this.? LOL

  3. Lani, I’m still trying to decide if it’s worth opening one quite yet. I may just start doing auctions and then if I get enough things, I will open a store. I’ve been doing lots of research on it and found that unless you have at least 40-50 items, it will cost more to have a store with all the costs on it.

    So, hang in there…I’ll have something going soon! lol

  4. Maddie, Thank you so much. It has been a rough few months for my whole family and this whole county. Thank you for all prayers.


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