Posted by: nancyca | March 2, 2007

I am sooo grateful it’s Friday!!

After the night I had last night (picked up ds from school, went grocery shopping, scouts and obedience class) I was pretty pooped out! There were no breaks in between any of that. lol I only woke up once during the night which is amazing!

It’s a cool, rainy morning out there. Dd should be starting school within a few minutes and that means I need to go get ds up to get ready for school.

I’m going to be washing bedding this morning. I also get the priviledge of seeing my dd sing at our state capitol building at noon. Their school choir is singing there today along with 2 other local schools. Hopefully I’ll have the video charged enough to get video of it so dh can see.

Other than that, dh will be home this afternoon sometime. He’s been in Hayward,CA all week for work. We’ve missed him so much!

Didn’t get ANY stitching done yesterday. Tonight I plan on stitching while watching Ghost Whisperer. LOVE that show!

Have a wonderful day everyone and remember to always turn your heart upward!


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