Posted by: nancyca | February 15, 2007

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

This morning started with the electrician coming to fix the ceiling fan. Well, no….no he didn’t. He came in, told me what I already knew and then said he’d be calling me with a date and time to come back and actually fix it. WHAAA??? From what he told me and the gal at Lowe’s, he was coming to FIX it today. It’s now been 8 days since the ‘installation’ happened. HEEELLLLOOO??? So, the ceiling fan fiasco continues….

I got ds to school and came home and got some laundry done before I had to go take lunch over to Noah. I had to hit the grocery store first as ds didn’t tell me last night he only had ONE gogurt left… Then I came back, did MORE laundry and then went over to ds’s school for their Valentine Day party. We are now home. yay!

Mom had her breast cancer surgery today, but as of now (4:30pm) we haven’t heard a word from Daddy. My siblings haven’t heard from him either. I am a LOT worried at this point, but also figure if I haven’t heard anything, then maybe that’s a good sign. I don’t know. I just know I’m praying like mad.

I’m going to go work on this afghan for a bit. It is the intermediate ghan that I’m going to do with my crochet group starting March 15th. It’s called Basketweave. Dd fell in love with it so I’m making it for her in her choice of color.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!! Remember to be alert…the world needs more LERTS!!



  1. Oh Nancy, I know the waiting is hard. And I’m praying hard. Here’s a big hug!

    On another note I like that basketweave afghan. I’ve always wanted to try that stitch.

  2. Im still thinking of you while you are waiting for some news.
    I think I would have held the electritian hostage til he fixed it.
    Hopefully I will get some things done between now and when you start that ghan although where I am going to put another ghan is beyond me lol.

  3. Thank you ladies! I think I need to update my blog…egads!!

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