Posted by: nancyca | February 10, 2007

Yippeee! It’s Friday!!

What a wonderful day as it’s now the weekend!

My dh came home around 1am this morning from Michigan. He was there all this past week. Poor thing. I know he was glad to get back into his own bed and with his family again.

The kids are still sick. But, they are both doing mucho better. No more fevers but the cough continues. I’m going to dose them up good this weekend (starting tonight) with regular Robitussin so thin out the stuff even more so they can get rid of it.

I met with my girl scouts last night (we meet every Thursday) and had a great meeting. We are planning our troop ‘getaway’ for August. We’re going to go for 3 days to Newport, OR and stay in the GS facilities. We’re going to go site seeing and have lots of fun and I bet we sleep really well at night! lol

I heard back from Lowe’s today on the ceiling fan fiasco. The original lady that I was dealing with had the past 2 days off and the other yahoos that were filling in went against everything that she had already set up. Needless to say SHE wasn’t happy with them. So, she put back into place the different LICENSED electrician to come out next Wed. He’s going to put the light switch back the way it was and set up a hand held remote for the fan. He’s also going to check out the fan motor to make sure it wasn’t damaged and if so he’s going to fix it. I told them that these fans aren’t made anymore (we got it 1.5 years ago) and that I wanted this one and not any other. It’s not my fault that that other company screwed it up. It should be fixable. The lady totally agreed and couldn’t apologize enough.

Back on the homefront. I made Amish Friendship Bread today. A neighbor of mine was making some and brought me a starter bag. I’m going to make up all but one starter, then with the next batch I’ll give out starters to my girl scouts and let them make some at home. It’s lots of fun!

Well, I’m working on that babyghan and have 4 rows of motifs out of 10 done. My neighbor came home today with the baby. Her name is Rachel Marie. How sweet is that? I’ll take over the afghan along with micro-popcorn for the kids and some bath beads for the Momma in a couple of days. I want them to get settled first and not bug them.

It’s pizza night! The kids are so glad! They love pizzzzza!!!

I’m off to get some and get ready to sit and watch Ghost Whisperer…another new one tonight! YAY!!

Hugs and have a wonderful day!


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