Posted by: nancyca | February 10, 2007

Good Saturday morning!

I got to sleep in til 9:15am!! What a treat that was indeed! I so needed to catch up on sleep as this past week has been stress, no sleep and more stress with all going on. Everything is settled down now and I can de-stress this weekend. I have a pineapple babyghan (except this one is PINK) to finish up this weekend. I have it almost 1/2 done in the past 2 days. My cross stitch group celebrated it’s 4th anniversary yesterday. What fun we had! Contests all over the place!! And, we are holding them open til today some time as some of our friends are over seas and couldn’t get there til nighttime. Dh is feeling mucho better from his intestinal bug last weekend. Ds is still coughing like mad, so he’s getting some Robitussin this weekend to get it thinned out. Dd is doing a lot better and isn’t coughing as bad. I’m just taking care of them and the puppies as well after being neutered this past Monday. They both got infections from a reaction to the surgical gloves, but they are bouncing around and wanting to play, so that’s good. I was really worried about them.

Update on the FAN saga: Lowe’s called me late afternoon and let me know that a REAL LICENSED ELECTRICIAN will be coming to my home on Wed of next week. He will be bringing a universal remote, he will check out the wiring and hook my original light switch back up. He will also be checking out the motor for the fan to make sure it’s not been ‘hurt’ in any way by the other guys’ stupidity. As it’s not working. And, if it did get damaged, he will fix it. Stay tuned next week to read if all is well with The Fan Saga…..

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your family and friends.



  1. Glad to hear the kids and dh are feeling better Nancy! Sorry to hear the pups got infection though…I’ve been wondering how they are doing! I hope you get good results this time with your fans!

  2. Thanks Theresa! Me too. I am told this guy is a whiz at what he does. Let’s hope so!

    The pups go in Wed to get out stitches and the infections are looking mucho better.

    Hugs my friend!!

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