Posted by: nancyca | February 8, 2007

Happy Happy Thursday

Well, I’m hoping today to be pretty uneventful. Both of the kids are still home sick. I’ll call them both in for today and tomorrow. Ds has been home all week and Dd came home early from school on Tuesday. They are both quarrantined.

Lowe’s sent out a guy to check out the fan. But it wasn’t a licensed electritian. It was an installer from the original company that put in the fans. This guy sat in front of me and lied to Lowe’s on the phone, then told the truth to his boss via walkie talkie. He told me that the kid that put in the fans didn’t know what he was doing when he hooked up the fan in my bedroom and that he wired it wrong. He told the gal at Lowe’s that the remote box was wired just fine and that it was a bad box! He said he’d put a new remote box in the wall and hook it up so that it wouldn’t blow again. I’m thinking I just want to get a ceiling fan that has a hand held remote and we won’t have to worry about it. I’m thinking MORE about it as the fan quit working around 10pm last night. Yes, the guy hooked up the original light switch and the fan was on low and working when he left. So, I think a trip to Lowe’s this afternoon is in order to look at the ceiling fans. I’m NOT happy with the company that came out at all. I sure wish they’d listen to me and send out someone else. OH yea! The owner of the company lied to Lowe’s too. They said this guy was a licensed electritian. He told me he wasn’t. That he was a mechanical electritian and they were majorly different. Hmmm….

So, I have PT this morning at 10:30am. I am still hurting really badly from last week’s pool and reg PT that I cancelled my pool pt today. I’ll see if he still wants me to do it or not. I think he just did too much with me on my first day.

The puppies are doing much better today. They both started on amoxicillon last night as they have infections in their incisions. For those that don’t know, they were both neutered on Monday. I also had Niko’s umbilical hernia fixed. And poor Bandit had only one kahoney dropped, so his surgery was a bit more detailed and he was more sore than Niko. But, today he’s playing and that’s a HUGE improvement over the past few days.

I’ll have to take pics of my H and D afghan I finished. YES! I finished it a few days ago. Last night I started a pink pineapple babyghan. Our neighbor went and had a girl! I was all set for a boy. lol So, it should just take me a couple of nights to get it made. She now has 4 boys and 4 girls. And, they are all 9 and under! WOW!! But, they are really good kids.

I hope everyone has a good day. Please pray for those that you love and those that you don’t.



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