Posted by: nancyca | February 7, 2007

It’s Hump Day!

Well, after a night’s sleep that was less than desirable, I’m at the puter. lol I woke up for good around 5:15am. We had three ceiling fans installed yesterday. The kid (he was later teens early 20’s so a kid to me) made me nervous the WHOLE TIME he was here. Kept saying things that made me nervous and when it came to the remote fan/light in the master, he wasn’t sure about it. The gal from Lowe’s made a surprise visit in the early afternoon and she was a bit nervous too, but he insisted he had done plenty installs and we both thought why would their company send out someone that was inexperienced? Right? WRONG! I went into my bedroom last night…turned the fan on low…the only light on was a small light on my nightstand by the bed and the tv. 5 minutes later…POP! No electricity in my entire bedroom!! Called Lowe’s….they are sending out a REAL electrician this morning and he will do it right. I found out that the kid that the other company had sent out wasn’t a licensed anything…he said he didn’t need to be, he was just installing ceiling fans after all. HUH?? He didn’t even turn off the electric to the rooms when he was installing them. THAT alone made me nervous.

The last thing this kid did when he was here was ask if I would like him to take away the boxes for me. I said, “No. There are warranties and such and I need things from the boxes. I have recycling, so it’s not a problem.” He asked me three more times and then after I said NO 3 more times, he hesitated then said….”Well, don’t be surprised when you see all the parts that are left in the boxes. They are just ‘extras’.” OH MAN! You’ve got to be kidding! So, when the electrician comes today, I will be showing him the ‘extras’ to make sure they are just that or not.

So, stay tuned to see if I get function back to my bedroom today. I sure do hope it will be something easily fixed and can be done in one day.

ON A GOOD NOTE! I got my H and D afghan done yesterday! I will take a pic of it this morning and get it posted. I just love this ghan and will make another some day. It really is an easy one.

On another note, both of my children are home sick. Ds is doing better and Dd will be in a couple of days as she is that far behind ds. Took ds to doc on Sunday and he said it’s the tail end of the virus and told me exactly what would happen and it did! So, a few more days and they should both be pretty good. Let’s pray it’s so! We need to get the illnesses out of this house. And out of the schools and the neighbor’s houses too. It’s been a bad season this year in this county.

Hugs and have a wonderful day all!


  1. Good Grief Nancy.. I’d be fuming mad. Writing letters to the company, BBB, newspaper, electricians guild, whoever I could think would light a fire under the management at that particular store.

    I hope they will fix your problem AND offer you some store credits or coupons.

    You’re lucky his tampering (I can’t call it work) didnt’ start a fire.

  2. Oh my I pry would have told him to just stop right then and there and called and pitched a hazel. Can’t wait to see pics of the ghan .


  3. Oh dear, Nancy! Shame on Lowe’s.

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